I am cloud specialist, working with cloud computing based on Open Source Software (OSS), VMware & Microsoft. At my work I am using proprietary cloud solutions, and for my studies I am doing research on private cloud implementations in academic and scientific environments, based on OSS.

I am also IT system specialist & architect, working with SharePoint and MS SQL technologies, being also MS SQL operational DBA.

I am having Diploma in IT (bachelor level) from ITU of Copenhagen, with speciality and thesis on cloud computing. I am continuing with my studies towards Master in IT at ITU of Copenhagen, according to Software Construction study programme.

I am certified in the folowing areas:

Here are my interests:

  • Cloud Computing
  • SharePoint
  • MS SQL

For more details, please see my Linked In and my Academia.edu profiles.

From the graduation ceremony @ITU Cph.

Zoran in a data center.

Zoran in a data center.

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