Finished with the “Private Cloud in Academic Environments” project!

After six months of hard work, I am finally finished with the project (both project report delivery and exam)!

Please find more details about the project here, at dr. Ali Babar’s blog (my supervisor).

Ali and I plan to extend the private cloud solution for our research and education on cloud computing.

The plan is also further to refine and publish the guidelines from the project report. If you are interested in getting the report in its current form, please contact dr. Ali Babar.

Participated in research project ”ArchCloud” @ ITU of Copenhagen

Participated in research project ”ArchCloud” @ ITU of Copenhagen with presentation on “Setting up a private cloud for academic environment with open source software”.

The intention was to establish a close collaboration under a main theme “Empowering Cloud computing with architectural principles and practices” which connects Danish researchers with highly knowledgeable and expert researchers in the areas of cloud computing, software architecture, and software product lines from China, Japan, and Brazil.

Please refer to this link for more information:

ArchClouds @ITU

TechEd in Atlanta, may 2011

I am attending Tech Ed in Atlanta, see more clicking on the logo:


Tech·Ed is an excellent Microsoft oriented conference – here are the highlights:

  • Get expert answers to your specific issues in real-time
  • Access approximately 200 self-paced labs
  • Receive a complimentary TechNet subscription
  • View all Breakout Session videos when you get back to the office
  • Share best practices with peers that have the same interests and concerns
  • Focus on education and advancing your expertise, minus the office distractions

Check out the Session Catalog.